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02 JanHeavy Metal Magazine’s First Digital Comic, “Gates,” Has Officially Launched

Cover of Heavy Metal magazine's "Gates"

Cover of Heavy Metal magazine's "Gates"

On January 1, 2011, Heavy Metal magazine’s first digital comic, “Gates,” officially launched. The first five pages are now available, with a new page to be released every Tuesday.

Go here to start reading Heavy Metal magazine’s “Gates.”

Heavy Metal Presents: Gates is a sci-fi epic that centers on a specially-conceived young man, named Gates, living a wretched existence in an isolated dystopian society, deep within the caverns of an industrial mountain complex. When he breaks free from his colony he is thrust onto a lush alien world filled with strange creatures, and ruled by Soloman—a nightmarish, god-like overlord.

Inside The Black will be featured on the comic’s soundtrack, coming out later in 2011, along with LoveKrafty, Rusty Eye, The Odd Wedding and more. The soundtrack will be dedicated to Ronnie James Dio.

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